May Julep Maven Box

May Julep Maven Box with Plie Wand

This month’s box is very exciting due to Julep’s innovative new product, the Plié Wand! Earlier in the year, Mavens had the exciting opportunity to crowdfund the Plié Wand by securing their May Julep Maven box far in advance. We were paying in advance for one of the coolest nail products out there, one that is unparalleled by anything else at the moment!

I stuck with the Boho Glam this month, which came with:

  • Julep Plié Wand™
  • Jeanne (Boho Glam) – a sky blue, pastel color with a crème finish
  • Paulette (Boho Glam) – a pastel purple with a faint golden shimmer

May Julep Maven Box with Plie Wand

As a thank you from Jane, we also received a glitter Nail polish named Yumi (named after Jane’s daughter). We also received a “precision brush” and extra cap to go on the wand.

I decided to get an add-on, which was the Plié Creativity Kit. It came with a dotting tool and a striper.

As soon as my box came in, I immediately busted out the Plié Wand and put on Paulette. Using the wand was pretty easy––I had far less polish to clean up from my skin on both hands. It’s very comfortable to use.

However, I noticed you need to get a lot of polish onto the brush so it glides on the nail smoothly. Also, you need to make sure you have some scratch paper on the side so you can set aside your regular brush/test the polish on your Plié Wand.

My dominant hand is my right hand, so I kept the wand straight while painting my left hand, but I slightly twisted the wand (at a 45 degree angle) when I painted my right.

I kept my Manicure routine the same, and I noticed that my polish has stayed on my hands longer because I was able to paint the polish on better.

The Plié Wand is totally worth it if you are a little clumsy while painting your nails! I am––I spazz out occasionally while doing my nails and totally mess them up.

If you’re interested in a Julep Maven subscription, you can get your first box FREE! Use code FREEBOX to get your first monthly box of beauty FREE!

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