Mini Holiday Wreaths

Mini Holiday Wreaths

When we were getting a Christmas tree at our local tree lot, my eyes lit up at a sign that said *FREE*! Underneath that sign was a barrel of Christmas tree cuttings (Noble Fir to be specific!). That was a Christmas craft gold mine. I excitedly hurried over and pulled two large, healthy branches out of the barrel and daydreamed of all the beautiful things I could make while our tree was getting ready to take home.

I knew I could just arrange the branches as a centerpiece but I was yearning to do something a little more, well, crafty. That’s when I came across this beautiful tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion for DIY Mini Holiday Wreaths. Bingo, just was I was looking for. The light went off in my head and I RAN to find my Noble Fir clippings. I was so excited that I was too impatient to even follow their tutorial!

Here’s how I ended up making my version of these holiday beauties.

Mini Holiday Wreaths (using real tree branches)

Mini Holiday Wreaths


  • Real Christmas tree branches
  • Hemp cord/string/whateveryouwannacallit.
  • Scissors


  1. Trim, pluck, or twist off a branch that’s 12-15 inches long. Watch out for splinters and sap…but also savor that tree smell.
  2. Wrap the branch into a circle shape.
  3. Secure the shape by tying the branches with the hemp cord. I wrapped mine a few times, and you can get creative with this part. Make bows, knots, or add ribbon!

Super easy to make. I noticed that mine turned to be more of an oval shape but if you wish to make it a littler rounder, I later read that you could soak the branch in water to make it more pliable!

Again, a super simple craft. I busted out 3 in 10 minutes. Once you get that spark on inspiration, you’re unstoppable, I swear!

Mini Holiday Wreaths


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