My 5 Favorite Printables (At the Moment)!

I know printables have been around for a long time, but I just started to get really into them.  I’ve started to see more and more cute, free printables available for personal use and well, that just makes that me a little giddy inside.

I know most of the readers here will know what printables are, but in case you don’t–here is a quick run-down. Printables are graphics that are meant to be printed (that is the obvious, self-explanatory part). In the blogger world, that often equates to pretty to-do lists, checklists, prints, and more.

Here is a roundup of my favorite printables at the moment, in no special order!

1. Charming Animal Note Sheets, from Creature ComfortsDon’t they just look whimsical? I like whimsical, especially if I am working in a boring space (like a cubicle). They make me feel like I’m in a forest.

Animal-Note-Prinable2. Perpetual Birthday Calendar, from RICEdesigns. You know what the awesome thing is about this calendar? There is no year. You can use this same calendar every year for the rest of your life. And the other awesome thing? You don’t have to use it just for birthdays. You can use it for anything your heart desires.

Perpetual-birthday-calendar3. Things to do list, from A Pair of Pears. This is one of the most simple yet effective to-do lists I have seen! Loving the design and typography on this printable.


4. Hydrangea Botanical Print, from The Graphics Fairy. I love hydrangeas, so this printable is perfect for someone who loves flowers! This is also perfect for someone who wants to look at flowers on say a wall, or at a desk, and can’t exactly have real hydrangeas around. Add a pretty frame and this print is good to go. Isn’t this just perfect for spring? There are also other colors available, so check them out!


5. Mini Paper Bunting, from Jurianne Matter. Jurianne really made the daunting mini paper bunting craft (often used for greeting card, decoration, etc.) so simple! Instead of cutting out different pieces of printed paper into the perfect shape and stringing them on, all the triangles can just be printed onto every day white printer paper, and wrapped around string. All the instructions are on her site.


Have you ever used printables? What would you use printables for?

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