November Birchbox!

Received my November Birchbox just yesterday! The theme of this month’s box is “Give.”

The Products:

This month I took a sneak peak of my box, since I wasn’t sure when it would be arriving. Birchbox is headquartered in New York, so Hurricane Sandy caused delays in shipping.

I feel like I got some great products this month! I had been hoping to try Oscar Blandi products. I really wanted to try the dry shampoo, but volume spray is great too especially since it’ll come in handy for holiday party season! The Stila luminizer will also come in handy the next couple of weeks.

I’ve never heard of the Miracle Skin Transformer, but I’m looking forward to trying it. Also, the Atelier Cologne fragrance smells wonderful. I don’t normally care too much for the “lifestyle extra” that Birchbox sends, but I must say I definitely want to try this chocolate-covered potato chip.

I’m definitely impressed with this month’s selections!

Any other Birchbox subscribers out there? How do you feel about your box this month?

Dotted Matte Suede Nails

Here is some nail art that I did using the new polishes I got from Julep. This is a very simple design to do as it doesn’t require precise strokes, and all you need to do is use a tool that creates perfect little dots. I used a dotting tool (purchased a pack of dotting tools from Amazon over a year ago for $2) to create the dots, but you can use anything from the back of a sewing pin to a paper clip as a dotting tool.

Butter London (Hen Party) – Julep (Keira) – Julep – (Amber) – Zoya (Snow white) – Zoya (Goldie)

The process is short and sweet:

  1. Paint nails with a base color (I used Amber here)
  2. Use dotting tool to carefully dab on small dots of polish. The dots should look random (or uniform if that’s the look you’re going for).
  3. Wait for nails to dry (5 min) and repeat.
  4. Seal with top coat. (I used essie’s matte about you)
And that’s it! This design is perfect for people who don’t have steady hands, who do not really want to invest in nail art tools, or those who want to watch tv and paint their nails.

November Julep Maven Box

This post is LATE! I received my November Julep Maven box a little over a week ago, but I am only now getting this post up.

This month, I selected the Boho Glam box (my usual), and received two matte suede finish polishes, body frosting, and a few “one-time use” nail polish remover pads. Nora is a dark silver/purple mix while Amber is a warm copper color. Matte suede polishes are like matte polishes except they have a little glitter in them.

These polishes dry quickly, which is my favorite thing about them. I tried out this polish using Essie Matte About You topcoat and they worked well together. You do not need the matte topcoat to get the full effect of the polish, but I thought it would help seal the nails without using regular topcoat that is too glossy.

Nothing to say about the body frosting since I haven’t opened it yet. I’m sure it smells nice though, I love the smell of grapefruit.

Has anyone else tried out matte finish polishes or matte suede polishes–what are your thoughts on them? Anyone else a Julep Maven?