Ways to Wear Black Liquid Leggings/Black Leather Leggings

Liquid leggings, leather leggings, liquid leather leggings, pleather leggings, whatever you want to call them (there’s no official name for them) have been hugely popular this season. While a pair of black leggings seems simple enough to mix in to one’s wardrobe, it can actually get trickier than it looks (speaking from personal experience).

Earlier this year, I purchased a pair of black liquid leather leggings. As a person who wears black pants all the time, I thought it would be a simple swap. However, I was a little intimidated by how flashy the leggings are in person, so I refrained from wearing them until a couple of weeks ago. When I debuted my leather leggings to the world, I paired them with a loose-fitting crew neck sweater and a pair of short black boots.

Obviously, when I purchased my black leather leggings, I had the intention of wearing them all the time with a bunch of different outfits. Although my sweater combo works, I don’t want that to be the only way I wear those leggings.

After a little digging, here are a few ways I found to wear black leather leggings:

Chambray shirt + leather leggings

A chambray shirt and black pants make for a very safe combination. Swapping the black pants for the black leather leggings makes the outfit less casual and more purposeful.

Kim Kardashian in blazer + leather leggings

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who rocks black leather leggings all the time. I really mean all the time. Here is one example, where she has paired a black blazer with the leather leggings. The look is simple and classy (as long as the blazer covers the behind!) and works for an event.

Plain tank top + leather leggings + boots

A tank + leather leggings + boots looks so effortless. To me, this outfit screams “I really don’t care.” I am not sure if I would personally try to wear this outfit, but I think it looks great pictured above.

Long cardigan sweater + leather leggings [via Pretty Life Anonymous at Blogspot]
I LOVE the idea of pairing leather leggings with a long sweater. It adds a little edge to the outfit. I love that this outfit was paired with black leather boots, because it blends in with the leggings and elongates the legs. This makes it easy to bring leather leggings into your winter wardrobe.

Lauren Conrad: long casual tee + leather leggings

Lauren Conrad is another celebrity who rocks black leather leggings often. I’m a fan of this look because it’s very casual. This is an example where one can look fashion forward but not look like they’re trying hard. It’s a great “running errands” outfit. Or a mall outfit if you’re the type to get dressed up.

Military green and liquid leather leggings make a great combination, as pictured above. The model above isn’t wearing a military jacket, but it’s easy to imagine that a military jacket would look great with black leather leggings.

Leather leggings + casual button down shirt

A casual button down and black leather leggings are, to me, a perfect mix. This photo balances the outfit with a classic printed blouse (that covers the butt!), and edgy leather leggings. The fabric textures are mixed well, in my opinion.

Lauren Conrad: Casual button down blouse with leather leggings

Here is Lauren Conrad, yet again! Yes we have talked about wearing a blouse with the leather leggings, but this outfit points out that this combination can be transformed into a “going out” outfit with the right blouse and shoes.

What are your thoughts on black liquid leather leggings? I think they’re sassy. Do you wear your pair a different way? Let me know!

[Photos via Pinterest]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom (Take 2)

Sorry for the malfunction! I was trying to post from my phone and published before I was ready.

Anyone else having trouble getting through the week after such a nice Thanksgiving holiday? I know I’m ready for the upcoming weekend, but here are some words I found helpful in motivating me to power through the week past.

Some hump day words of wisdom, courtesy of Pinterest


“The harder you work, the luckier you get”


“Be so good they can’t ignore you” – Steve Martin


“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow” – Robert Kiyosaki

8 Party Dresses for the Holidays

The holiday season is officially among us! This busy time of year calls for many family gatherings, social events, and much more. With the little time we have between cooking Thanksgiving dinners and checking off gift lists, we have to make sure we are looking our best at all the upcoming holiday parties.

Here are eight edgy party dresses that are fashionable yet easy to transform from casual to sophisticated. These dresses could be used for multiple occasions, preventing them from sitting at the back of your closet untouched. Dresses from $20-$150.

From left to right:

  • Dolce Vita Kali Swingback Dress // This dress has more of a casual beach vibe than formal party dress. Send some laid-back and relaxed vibes with this dress. Easy to wear, and looks effortlessly put together.
  • TFNC Babydoll Dress With Sequin Bodice // Sequin Bodice dresses are also on trend this season. This particular combination comes in gold and black, which makes it regal enough for a holiday party, but still perfectly nice for birthday parties and other social events.
  • Goldmine Sequin Dress // This dress is the creme de la creme of sequin dresses. Full sequins, flashy color. Perfect for New Year’s.
  • Eight Sixty Colorblock Dress // This dress provides a slimming effect due to the way the dress is colorblocked.
  • ASOS Mini Dress with Fit & Flare Skirt // This red dress brings together the most current trends of a lace dress and mixes it with the sweetheart top and sheer paneling. Surely this dress will impress!
  • Velveteen Skater Dress // Simple yet sophisticated, this dress is for the lady who wants to look casual, or really wants to accessorize her look. This dress can be used as part of one’s everyday wardrobe, making it a versatile piece.
  • Studded Bodycon Dress // If you’ve got the body type, there is almost nothing more flattering than a bodycon dress. Ladies with curves—this one is for you! This one is simple yet has gold studs and comes in a very hot color this season (oxblood!).
  • ASOS Swing Dress in Teardrop Sequin // “Your dress has WAY too many sequins,” said nobody, ever. Especially at a party. This flowy dress is a great way to show off your legs but keep your midsection hidden, or this can be paired with a belt to cinch the waist.
Which dress do you like best? Leave a comment to let us know!