Cheetah/Leopard Print Nails

A couple of days ago I felt the urge to do some nail art, so I chose to do a cheetah print/leopard print (whichever one you want to call it) on my nails. In my opinion, this nail art is actually easier to do than most others because there’s room to be messy with these!

I just used a nail art brush (thin and stiff bristles) and dotting tool to make the different shapes.


  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Three different nail colors of your choice, should go together
  • Nail art brush (or thin and stiff paint brush)
  • Dotting tool


  1. Paint nails with a base coat. I use OPI’s base coat.
  2. Paint nails with two layers of nail polish, color of your choice. I used a gold color by Zoya. Wait for nails to dry between coats. Make sure nails are completely dry after second coat.
  3. Using the dotting tool, paint lopsided blobs (think kidney bean shapes, popcorn shapes, etc.) on the nail, using a color of your choice. Here, I used a white color also by Zoya. Wait until nails are completely dry.
  4. Using the nail art brush (thin with stiff bristles), outline random sections of painted blobs. Draw a border around 50% of the blob, loosely following the shape of the blob as a guide. Do not fully enclose the circle. You should never enclose more than 2/3 of the blob. Here, I used a dark shimmery navy blue color by Butter London. One of the best ways I have heard to describe this is to make a “cyclops eye and smile.”
  5.  Wait until nails are completely dry, and seal with a top coat. If the nails aren’t completely dry, then the design will start to smear and streak all over the nail (Exhibit A, my pinky nail as pictured above)

What are your thoughts on nail art? Are you a fan of this design?


Favorite Fall Scarves

Fall, by far, is my favorite season of the year. Here in the bay, the weather stays fairly warm in the fall (think high 50s to 70s), and temperatures don’t hit winter lows until about January. Just because we have great fall/early winter weather doesn’t mean never gets cold and breezy! We have warm days but our nights get cold and windy fast.

I look forward to wearing scarves fall through spring, since they bring color and excitement to any outfit. You can make an old outfit or a plain outfit look completely redone and spruced up solely by adding a scarf. They totally pull a casual outfit (say, a white tee and jeans) together. I tend to look at printed scarves because they are far more exciting than plain scarves. Here are some of my favorite picks for fall.

1. Mercator To Your Tastes – – $64.99 (Pre-order)

This scarf caught my eye quickly, as I haven’t yet seen a scarf with a printed map as the pattern. Being white with blue text, the colors aren’t bold, but the print itself is what brings attention to this accessory. This item is available for pre-order this at

2. Diane von Furstenberg ‘New Rochelle’ Scarf – Nordstrom – $185

A DVF scarf is always a classy addition to any wardrobe. With fun patterns and neutral colors, this scarf can be worn casually or can be used to make an outfit more fun for work. It’s price tag of nearly $200 is much more of a splurge, but if DVF patterns really catch your eye, you’ll end up holding onto this piece for years to come. There is also a giraffe pattern of this scarf available which looks just as classy and clean as this pick.

3. Floral Fringe Scarf – Forever 21 – $8.80

Forever 21 is a great place to pick up scarves for a nominal price. Their patterns are normally very fashionable yet affordable. If you’re unsure of a pattern, this is a great place to purchase a scarf as you will not be finding accessories this fashionable for this price point anywhere else. This bright yellow scarf goes great with fall neutrals such as brown, cognac, or oxblood. However, this scarf also works very well in spring, with teal colors. This scarf is also light, so it’s best worn in mild seasons like fall and spring.

4. Cooperative Conversational Print Scarf – Urban Outfitters – $25

Urban Outfitters happens to be one of my favorite places to purchase scarves. Often, their patterns are one of a kind, and their quality is much like that you would be paying for a $50+ scarf. This bright yellow scarf once again goes well with fall neutrals, but this scarf is also bright enough to go with a black jacket or a white tee.

5. Tube Scarf – H&M – $9.95

Circle scarves are all the rage right now, but there aren’t many ways you can wear them. This circle scarf from H&M is no-fuss in a neutral pattern (but also available in a bright, bold cheetah print).

September Birchbox!

My September Birchbox finally arrived late last week! My box took ten days to arrive.

I actually knew what was coming because I took a quick peek at my month’s selections on the Birchbox website, but nevertheless I was excited to get my hands on all the samples.

From left to right: Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment), Color Club (Birchbox Exclusive) nail polish in “Status Update”, Mighty Leaf tea pouches, twistband, Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator, and 21 Drops Aromatherapy Blends

The products:

  • Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment)
  • Color Club (Birchbox Exclusive) nail polish in “Status Update”
  • Mighty Leaf tea pouches
  • twistband (lace, purple)
  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
  • 21 Drops Aromatherapy Blends

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the selection this month. I thought the samples were much larger than usual, especially the tea sample, and the face rejuvenator.

Also, I’m a big fan of nail polishes, so any nail polish they send over is a welcome addition to my collection! Plus, the nail polish was part of the exclusive Birchbox and Color Club Custom Collection that featured 4 polishes based on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Anyone else out there subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your September box?