Personal Resolutions for 2014

Personal Resolutions for 2014

Finally, I want to share with you all a few of my personal resolutions for 2014. Again, I know it’s a little late in the game to be making “New Year’s resolutions” but hey, there are still 11 months ahead of us. Just because I didn’t make my resolutions on day one doesn’t mean they aren’t year-long resolutions!

So here are my resolutions and ways I have thought up to accomplish them!

  • Do a juice cleanse
  • Spend less on clothes/things, more on experiences and life
  • Read one book a month
  • Cook more
  • Craft more
  • Overall, be less materialistic

Doing a juice cleanse. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you probably know that I actually just finished doing a juice cleanse! You can read more about it here, but I was motivated by the challenge of eating healthy for 9 days straight. The motivation of the challenge, plus support from the community (it was nice to see that a LOT of other people were doing juice cleanses too), really pushed me to hit this goal.

Spend less on things, more on experiences. At the end of December, I did a major cleaning haul and threw out trash bags full of old things. I donated old clothes and even sold some clothes for cash. Still, I have so many things and no where to store them! Why should I spend money on new clothes with no place to put them or new things with no place to display or store them? I shouldn’t.

As a young person, I should be spending more on travel and entertainment (concerts, festivals, fairs, etc.). I should be jetsetting across the globe, visiting new places. Having less stuff makes doing all that more possible too.

Life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it
Source: Pinterest

Read One Book a Month. This resolution of mine failed last year due to a few reasons but I feel ready to add reading back into my life! I’ll aim to read one book every month (or more!). The book can be anything of my choosing. And, I’ll be sharing reviews with you guys in case you want to pick up that book!

Cook more. You know what? I kind of like cooking, but only when I have all the ingredients I need and when I’m not in a hurry to make anything. So, as long as I have all the ingredients I need and make time for cooking, I should be able to calmly make my own meals! Also, I’m kind of sick of eating frozen foods. There are great options out there but of course they are still limited if you’re looking for something that is at least somewhat healthy. By cooking, I’m in full control of the health value of my own food.

Craft more. I love crafting, but again, I need to make a little more time for it. This is probably lower on my list of priorities, but I’d like to keep it at the back of my mind. Instead of mindlessly watching TV while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I could be knitting or crocheting something.

Overall, be less materialistic. Again, this falls back to my resolution of spending less on clothes because yes, you can have too many, but that I should be focusing less on clothes and things in general. How am I going to accomplish this? Well, if I spend less time at the store, I’ll be less likely to spend money on things. If I use that time instead to go hiking or visit a museum or go sightseeing or eat at a nice restaurant, I’ll be accomplishing that.

I should be chasing scenery like this:

A closeup of The Golden Gate Bridge

Here’s to an awesome 2014!

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