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Usually in the Bay Area, we experience some pretty mild winters, but this season we’re experiencing exceptionally mild weather. I’m sorry, this totally sounds like I’m bragging especially since most of the country is experiencing record cold temperature, but I’m not! Promise! We need cold weather and rain here soon because we have a drought!

Honestly, it feels like spring. So, I’m constantly thinking about travel plans for 2014. If I could take a road trip anywhere, it would probably be to Los Angeles, CA. Some of my friends live down in L.A. and I don’t get to see them too often anymore, unless they come up to the bay to visit. Plus, I always just want to explore cities and eat good food. Always.

Now, L.A. is an easy flight away but sometimes, I just prefer driving! You’ve got more options, plus you can take the scenic route. Seriously, you’ll be driving by beaches. When you’re coasting down that freeway, it’s one of those moment when you’re thinking “Wow, California is beautiful” since sometimes CA residents take it for granted.

Seriously, here is the view in Santa Barbara. 

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When driving, it’s important to be equipped with a perfectly-running car. You don’t want to experience car trouble, especially en route to LA. There aren’t too many places to stop and get help, plus it’s just a hassle. Plus, having a car that gets good gas mileage is helpful too. Which is why I prefer to rent a car.

Enterprise is running their annual Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion through the Enterprise Plus loyalty program. Points will help you score free upgrades and even free car rentals! Here's the website: Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion website

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Here’s some of the ways you can earn points:

  • Purchase a qualifying rental (earn double points)
  • Add a GPS unit as part of a qualifying rental (earn 50 bonus points)
  • Share the qualifying “Plus Your Points” message on Twitter (earn 20 bonus points)
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This promotion is only running from 12/2/2013 – 3/31/2014 so be sure to take advantage if you plan on renting a car! Your points could double on qualifying rentals. You don’t want to miss out on these points.

No blackout dates. How convenient is that? Also, the points don’t expire as long as you have one qualifying rental from Enterprise every two-year period.

So if you plan on renting a car and heading out somewhere the way I am, definitely check out Enterprise and sign up for the “Plus Your Points” promo. Sign up below!

Please note:

All point activity is tracked through the “Plus Your Points” website. A participant must register for the “Plus Your Points” promotion in order to receive points. To enroll in the Enterprise “Plus Your Points” promotion, click here. You’ll be asked to enter your Enterprise Plus Member # upon enrollment (if you don’t yet have an Enterprise Plus Member #, you can sign-up for Enterprise Plus here:

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