PopSugar Must Have December 2013

On Black Friday, I bought a 6-month subscription to PopSugar Must Have! I had been dying to buy this subscription but just couldn’t justify paying $40 a month for these goodies. But when a discount code came around on Black Friday, I made the plunge and got a subscription!

I got so excited that I couldn’t wait until the weekend to take photos and post! So, I apologize for the terrible lighting! Here is what I got in my first box:

PopSugar Must Have Box December 2013

Lulu Frost for PopSugar Bracelet

Other bloggers have valued this bracelet anywhere between $100-$200 based on other comparable Lulu Frost bracelets. It’s got a gold chain and silver charm that shines bright. You can find similar bracelets here, but unfortunately the one that was sent to us was a PopSugar exclusive! I’m gonna say $150 for estimation purposes.

MIXT Studio Holiday Gifting Set
Wrapping paper! You get three sheets of wrapping paper made from recycled materials, plus other gift wrapping items like twine. Valued at $9. Check out the exact set here!

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara
They also have this product at Birchbox, meaning that it’s probably a great product! Valued at $24, this mascara is said to bring the illusion of false lashes while using small fibers to lengthen and enhance lashes. It also has a glossy texture and is supposed to be light and airy.

Govino Go Anywhere Flutes
I see you PopSugar. This is so I can toast to a good New Year with my hoodlum friends in the freezing cold in a park looking all shady right? Jk! Valued at $12.95 and again, available at Birchbox, you can feel safe sipping your bubbly in BPA-free, shatterproof glasses!

CC Made Caramel Corn
CARAMEL CORN! This caramel corn uses organic yellow popcorn and mine is “Pistachio Nut”. Here are 3 ounces of sweet, sugary goodness! $4 value for the 3oz bag.

NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps
Self-adhesive nail wraps in holiday patterns. I can dig it! $16. Plus, they’re cheaper than getting a manicure right? Check them out here.

Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate
I must say, I was a little disappointed to see Ghirardelli Chocolate in here. I’m all for a San Francisco company to be in the box but Ghirardelli is a nationwide brand. To me, it’s kind of like throwing in Hershey’s bars! $4.25 for the Milk & Caramel squares. Holiday assortment, $11.99. They are big bags, and I love Ghirardelli, but I wish I was discovering a new chocolate brand.

Here is the value of this month’s box! $232.19! I think that’s a great value for how much I paid for the box!

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