Roadtrip to Los Angeles

Anddd I’m back. Hope you missed me while I was gone! I took a short trip to Los Angeles last weekend and wanted to share some of my favorite parts about my trip with you.

Chili & Lime Roasted Almonds

YUM. While driving down the 5, we took a break at one of the rest areas where there was a tiny shack selling flavored roasted almonds (and lots of fruits). We sampled a few varieties like jalapeño almonds and honey roasted almonds, but we all really liked and unanimously agreed on getting the chili and lime flavor. They were spicy. The spiciness would creep up and build after each almond. After a handful, my mouth would be on fire.

Santa Monica Pier

Some awesome photos from when we visited Santa Monica, CA. In case you aren’t familiar with California, it neighbors LA and is known for it’s pier, beach, and shopping–particularly Third Street Promenade. It’s a popular spot in the LA area.

Beach at Santa Monica

Like it’s straight from the Hollister Co. posters in stores.

Beach at Santa Monica, CA

So many people in the water on a cool, breezy evening.


Saw this guy on our walk up to the pier. There were a couple of street performers around but I had to take a picture of this dude. Or lady. He would stand still like a statue. Not just kinda still—really still.

Trees at Melrose Place

The next day I spent a lot of time shopping! My adventure was less scenic than before, but still quite fun. We walked around Melrose Avenue/Melrose Place and gawked at all the designer boutique stores. I got to see few of my favorite designers’ stores, like Marc Jacobs. Also saw the storefront of the Kardashians’ DASH LA store (which is smaller than it looks on TV).

Burger and Fries
Burger and Fries

Dinner in Santa Monica. Expensive AF truffle burger and some ordinary fries. The burger was delicious though I’m not sure it’s worth $16… but it surely packed some flavor.


Dinner in LA one night. Nothing like some Indian comfort food to satisfy my hunger after a day of shopping.


Sprinkles ice cream in Beverly Hills, CA, dark chocolate flavor. This ice cream was good but it’s not something to write home about unless you’re a Sprinkles fan, like me! They actually have other flavors than your run-of-the-mill chocolate and vanilla, such as blood orange sorbet and strawberry sorbet. They also have red velvet waffle cones, which I haven’t seen anywhere.

Ah, well LA was a blast but now it’s time to get back to reality! Are you going to take a roadtrip any time soon?

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