Rosette Headbands

Rosette Headband DIY/TutorialAfter casually grabbing a super good eggnog latte with a couple of my friends, we happened to walk right by a small craft/scrapbooking store that was having a moving sale. I ended up walking out with quite a few goodies and that “I can’t believe I only NOW discovered this place” feeling. Well better late than never, right? Anyway, this store had a few shabby chic and vintage-inspired supplies, and we spotted some beautiful, colorful rosette trim as soon as we entered the store.

The first thing that ran through my head was “I WANT THAT.” Then, it was to figure out what to do with the trim. I didn’t want to pass up something so pretty (and on sale!) but I didn’t want to just buy it to have it sit around the house, taking up space.

Because the trim was so soft, we thought headbands would be a good idea. And they were. And they were so stinkin’ easy to make, it is mindblowing.

Not that you really need one, but here’s a quick tutorial on how I made them. I made them in a few sizes because everyone’s head is different, and while “one size fits all” when elastic is involved, it doesn’t mean that “one size” is comfortable or that it stays on your head.

Rosette Headband DIY/Tutorial:

Rosette Headband DIY/Tutorial


  • Rosette trim in the colors of your choice. Pictured above are 1 yard pieces of trim. You may be able to find some on Etsy or eBay.
  • 1-6″ 1/4″ braided elastic, black


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sharp fabric scissors


Cut the rosette trim to the length that fits your head. One of the small ones I made used 5 rosettes while the larger ones used 6.

Cut  excess tulle from the sides of the trim to make it a little slimmer. This will help the rosettes lay flat against your head.

Rosette Headband DIY/Tutorial

Cut a piece of elastic for the back of the band. I did 7-7.5″ for the small size and  8″ of elastic for the larger one.

With the rosette trim facing down, dab some glue on the centers of both rosettes on the ends and glue the elastic trim in place. Hold down to make sure that everything is well-secured. And be careful to not burn yourself. Let’s just say I have a battle wound from this project.

Rosette Headband DIY/Tutorial

And that’s it! You can actually use some of the tulle scraps to cover the raw edge of the elastic on the back of the headband, but it isn’t necessary. The raw edges can’t be seen when the headband is being worn.

Rosette Headband DIY/TutorialRosette Headband DIY/Tutorial

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