Seattle Harbor + Pike Place Market

We went straight into the whole touristy thing our first day in Seattle. We first started our day by eating some lunch! None of us had any breakfast so we decided to stuff ourselves at an Indian restaurant’s lunch buffet.

Then our first stop was a harbor cruise at Argosy Cruises, where we got to ride a boat for an hour while our tour guide yapped away (in a good way!) about the history of Seattle.

Argosy Cruises


In perfect weather, we got to enjoy the postcard-perfect view of the Seattle skyline at the top of the boat. You can see the Space Needle and everything!



There’s something about these that I loved. They added a touch of color and character to the harbor.

Next stop…Pike Place Market! Pike Place Market is pretty close to the harbor we were at so we just walked on over. pike-place-sign

I love that Public Market Center sign. On one side of the street, you have a bunch of produce sellers, restaurants, and cafes. On the other, you see the fish and flowers and other fresh items for purchase. It’s really a sight to see. There’s so much color and energy around which can be really fun in Seattle since the city is a little gloomy.





This strawberry pastry called Josephine from Le Panier, a French bakery, was light and flaky and just the right amount of sweet. Plus, the strawberries were so so fresh. I didn’t get a good photo of this chocolate mousse cake called D’Orsay we shared but again, light and perfectly sweetened but also rich. If you ever stop by in Pike Place, you must pay a visit to this place.

A couple doors down was a Russian pastry shop that sold sweet and savory pastries called Piroshky Piroshky.




And LITERALLY next door was the ORIGINAL Starbucks! I couldn’t get a good photo of the whole building because people were crowding around the store. Beats me why they’d want to get coffee from that particular location because it’ll taste just like the coffee at any Starbucks, but to each his own! I’d prefer to go to the independent coffee shops seeing as Seattle is full of good coffee shops!!!!

That was pretty much our Pike Place visit! We ventured on to the EMP Museum and got ourselves some dinner so we could recharge for our next day of adventures.

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