Slimfast® 14-Day Slimdown

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SlimfastI’ve been pretty lucky this summer. I got the chance to take a long, long, long vacation and explore the other side of the world, but my travel plans for the summer are far from over. For the upcoming long weekend (Happy Birthday, America!), my friends and I will be heading to “even sunnier” Southern California for a short but totally jam-packed vacation. I’m totally excited! Except, I have to make sure my body is vacation ready.

You see, I did a lot of diet “undoing” while I was on my long vacation.

Usually, we fall on one side of this argument––either it’s okay to indulge a little bit (especially if it’s a one-time opportunity), or it’s never okay to indulge (because you will undo everything you’ve worked so hard to maintain). I am a firm believer of the former and not the latter. Hence, I took home a little extra baggage from my vacation around my waistline if you catch my drift! But of course, it was worth it.

Between balancing everything in life (like work, family, and a social life), where’s a girl to find the time and discipline to get back into shape in such a short amount of time?

Well, that’s where Slimfast® is helping me out!

Slimfast® 14 Days to Slim program is a convenient and delicious way to lose up to lose 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I just recently tried out their new Have Your Cake…™ Meal Bar. Instead of my usual breakfast of instant oatmeal and 2-3 coffees in the morning, I swapped in these Slimfast® meal bars.

Slimfast bar
About to have some vanilla cake for breakfast! I mean…Slimfast® meal bar!

In addition to changing up my breakfast routine, I made an effort to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, whether it meant walking or doing something else active. I loved taking afternoon walks where I got to soak in the sunshine.

Fitbit Steps
I keep track of my steps throughout the day with this!

I must say, I’m already feeling so much healthier! Those afternoon walks really make a big difference.

The new Have Your Cake…™ Meal Bars only have 180 calories and can control hunger for up to 4 hours. Each box comes with 5 bars (perfect for the weekdays!) and they are available at Target and other mass and drug stores nationwide, with a suggested price of $5.49.

It was literally like eating cake for breakfast. Perfect for those like me who have a sweet tooth!

Slimfast bar breakfast
Yum! Time for breakfast!

These bars are part of Slimfast®’s 14-day Slimdown, where you can lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. Here are the rules of the program:

  •  Swap two meals daily with a Slimfast® protein shake or meal bar
  •  The third meal must be 500 calories
  •  Enjoy three 100-calorie snacks or pieces of fruit per day
  •  Don’t exceed 1200 calories per day
  • Do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily and drink plenty of water

Not too bad right? It’s nice to have a simple diet plan that can give you good results in a short amount of time, with products you can get at local retailers! That makes it so easy to get started.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out! You can also find Slimfast on Facebook and on Pinterest as well!

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