Spring 2014 Nail Trends & Essie Giveaway!

Countdown to Daylight Savings Time: 23 days

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day: 32 days

Countdown to the First Official Day of Spring: 35 days

Before we know it, we’ll be trading in tall boots and down parkas for sandals and floral dresses. And of course, we’ll be swapping out dark, rich, metallic nail polishes for pastel, Easter-appropriate colors…or will we?

Get ready for a shocker everyone, Spring 2014 Nail Trends are a little different than what we’ve seen these past few Spring seasons.


Nail art was on the decline these days, but who can blame us? Do we really have hours to spend doing elaborate nail art on our nails only to watch our hard work chip away in a few days? No! But stripes, that’s doable. Easily use a striper to paint stripes in whatever direction you please on your nails. Or if we’re totally unalike, gracefully use a regular nail polish brush to swipe straight line across your nails. Seriously, I’m jelly of your skills.


Don’t put your metallic shades away just yet. They’re still popular this season. Reach for the neutral toned metallic shades, like copper, peach, and light pink.

Sheer Polishes

Don’t cover up your nails. A little shine will help your nails’ natural beauty catch the light…and attention. Add a subtle pink hue and high shine to your nails to look polished. Get it? Polished?

The Half-Moon Mani

Remember those half-moons people would paint at the base of their nails? They’re back! This time around, it seems like any color combo goes. Contrast netural colors like shown above, or wear half-moons alone and finish with a top coat.  Use a reinforcement label to get a smooth line.

White Nails

From stark, opaque white shades to subtle, sheer pink/white nails, there’s no doubt that white nails are big this season. Have lots of patience when painting your nails white. It’s one of the hardest colors to paint on your nails.

Embellished Nails

Strategically embellished nails are big on the runway. Small stones arranged beautifully on neutral polish looks amazing. Add some rhinestones to your mani or dab on some glitter.

Source: Zoya

Source: Zoya

Updated Pastel Shades

Popular pastel shades that make their way to store shelves this time of year are getting a makeover. Expect colors to be a few shades different than the usual carnation, periwinkle, and eggshell yellow shades. And definitely expect them to be a little more glittery and metallic instead of opaque.

Resort Fling Essie Spring 2014


So you can start off spring right, I’m giving away 4 Essie Resort Fling Mini Cube Sets!

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    I’m a sucker for navy blue :P
    Btw, thanks for doing this giveaway
    Love ya <3

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