Tagalong Ice Cream


Yes, as in Girl Scout Cookie Tagalongs. With Girl Scout Cookie season coming to a close, I find the uncertainty of knowing when I’ll next have a chance to savor a bite of these sweet cookies very scary. On Friday night, I found a Girl Scout Cookie booth right outside my local grocery store and bought 7 boxes. Yes, 7. 5 of those boxes were tagalongs.

So in thinking of ways I could savor these cookies, I made Tagalong Ice Cream. With chunks of the peanut butter patties mixed into creamy vanilla ice cream, this ice cream is amazing. There is a little patience involved in making these, just so you know!

Tagalong Ice Cream

Makes 2 servings


  • 4  Tagalong cookies
  • 2 cups of vanilla ice cream


  • Cutting board or cleared and cleaned counter
  • Two spatulas
  • Knife
  • Bowl to freeze ice cream in


1. First, you will want to cut up 3 of the Tagalong cookies into large chunks. Don’t make them bigger than an inch or so, but try to keep as much of the cookie intact as possible while cutting into small pieces. You will definitely have some powdery crumbs too, which is good since the crumbs add to the flavor of the ice cream.

Tagalong Ice Cream

2. Scoop out two cups of vanilla ice cream from your ice cream container and onto the cutting board or clean counter. Use the spatulas to flatten the ice cream a little bit.

3. Dump half the cut up Tagalongs into the ice cream. Use the spatulas to mix them in. Then when they have been mixed in evenly, add in the rest.

4. If your ice cream was anything like my ice cream, you know have somewhat of a melted mess on your hands. Take the ice cream, put into a bowl, and put in the freezer. I let my ice cream freeze overnight, but 4-8 hours should be good to cool your ice cream.

5. Scoop out the ice cream and put into small bowls or ramekins.

6. Cut up one more Tagalong cookie and sprinkle the crumbs all over the ice cream and serve!

Tagalong Ice Cream

Tagalong Ice Cream


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