“Tailgate” At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

This post is sponsored by Farm Rich. All thoughts are my own. Visit your local grocery store to pick up Farm Rich snacks for game day!

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero
"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

It’s about that time of year the regular football season is ending, playoffs are starting, Fantasy Football where our Fantasy Football teams are down to the wire, playoffs are starting, and parties are being planned! 

We all know that when football is involved, so is tailgating.

Tailgating is really fun, but it’s a lot more work to tailgate than it looks. You have to buy your game tickets, get to the game early, find parking in a lot that lets you tailgate, make sure you have all your food with you, and then you have to cook it all… It’s a little like camping but only for a few hours in a parking lot.

Fun? Yes. A lot of work? Yes. Plus, could you imagine tailgating at this time of the year? It’s pretty chilly (unless you live in a warm climate, of course).

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

Instead of going through the trouble of tailgating at the game, you’ll probably have a lot more fun and save a lot more money if you “tailgate” at home! Inviting family and friends over to watch the game in the comfort of your home is a great alternative and far easier way to “tailgate.” You can get a bigger group of people together, and you can serve up delicious food and refreshing drinks without worrying whether you brought all the pieces of the portable grill or worrying about ice leaking out of the cooler into the rest of the car. 

To make things even less complicated and a lot more fun for yourself as a host, it’s a good idea to shop for food that’s ready to go. Buying and making all the food and drinks sound like a great idea, until you realize you only have a few hours the morning of the game to get everything together…plus cleaning your house, walking the dog, etc. It’s a lot to take on, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be falling asleep while trying to watch the game. 

Could you imagine all that you put in to hosting going to waste because you’re just too tired from putting everything together? That doesn’t sound fun at all.

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

Well, Farm Rich, one of America’s favorite snacks and appetizers brands, offers the best snacks for your game day “homegate” and has a few options to make your life easier and watching football games a lot more fun!

Why go through the trouble of making your favorites from scratch when they’ve already made all of your tailgating favorites like Loaded Potato Skins, Mozzarella Sticks, and Jalapeño Peppers ready to go, waiting for you in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store?

Add some cold, crisp Dr Pepper into the mix to go with your favorite tailgating snacks, and you’ve got an unbeatable combination that your guests will go crazy for! This tasty treat combo will be your new #HomegatingHero

Farm Rich‘s products are really easy to prepare and there are 2-3 ways to cook each product, so you can pick your favorite way to cook up everything. What I love about their products is that the cooking time is pretty short (around 10-12 minutes for the whole box) so you aren’t waiting too long for the food to come out, and everything is really easy to prepare. That means more time watching the live game and having a good time with your friends and family, instead of prepping food and watching the replays and highlights after everyone cheers and you realize you missed something awesome.

As we all know, stadium food can be too oily, fatty, and full of salt. Tasty, but not healthy! The Farm Rich products I had a chance to try taste great but don’t rely on butter or salt to flavor their food. You can see in the ingredients they use the basics needed to put the food together, which I really like. 

Even though Farm Rich‘s products are great snacks on their own, it’s fun to take their foods and do something extra! On the Loaded Potato Skins, I added some fresh chives for a little extra flavor. I would have added some sour cream, too, had someone not finished the sour cream I had in the fridge! Haha, I can’t be the only one with that problem. Adding some toppings can take your snacks to the next level, and if you have time to do so or if you have some good ingredients laying around the kitchen, I definitely think you should try it! 

Head to FarmRich.com/homegating to plan an easy, delicious and exciting game day spread from home, and score with your family and friends. There you’ll find some creative takes on Farm Rich recipes and ways to save on Farm Rich products. 

Whether you’re planning a full-scale home tailgating experience or a cozy day in when you watch football these next few weeks, grab some Farm Rich snacks to make things easy!

"Tailgate" At Home With Farm Rich! #HomegatingHero

I can’t wait to hit the grocery store and see what other Farm Rich products I want to try. I’m thinking that meatballs sound like a great idea!


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