DIY Twistbands – How To

Ever heard of twistbands? They’re hair ties made of soft, foldover elastic that don’t crease, pull, or damage hair.

As a sufferer of the “pony-tail crease” I was eager to try twistbands (which magically arrived in my Birchbox). While I thought these hair ties were great, they cost a lot! A pack of three can run up to $10 from beauty stores. I decided to make these at home, for much, much cheaper.

A quick How To:


  • Foldover elastic (I purchased mine from here, since my local craft stores didn’t carry any foldover elastic)
  • Scissors [The sharper, the better]
  • Ruler [optional]


  1. Cut the elastic to your desired length. I chose 8 inches for my hair ties.
  2. Fold the elastic, with the “shiny” side facing out, and tie a knot.
  3. Tighten the knot by pulling and tugging on the elastic from the inside of the twistband, not the ends. 
  4. Wear your new twistband hair ties!
How do you like these twistband hair ties? I like the so much, I made a jar full of them!

DIY Twistbands in mason jar


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