Washi Tape Clothespins

Get ready for one of the easiest crafts of your life! Washi Tape Clothespins add some color and design to boring little wooden clothespins. As long as you have all the supplies on hand, you can make one of these bad boys in under a minute.

  Supplies, as pictured above:

  • Clothespins (large and small)
  • Washi tape [I purchased mine from Daiso and from here]
  • Scissors, or xacto knife

Step 1: Choose the clothespin and the washi tape of your choice. Step 2: Unroll enough tape to cover the length of the clothespin. It’s okay to leave a little excess at the top and bottom as it’ll be easy to maneuver scissors around the pin and cut the tape to the perfect size. Tape along the long edge with the metal joint piece jetting out (so that you know you will have a straight edge on that side). Smooth out the tape. Step 3: Turn the clothespin over. Now, you can see what pieces need to be cut off. Cut off the excess tape. The angle you get from turning over the clothespin helps you get as close as possible to the edge of the pin. Step 4: Snip snip! View: This is a view of an almost-completed pin. As you can see, the washi tape that I had selected wasn’t wide enough to cover the entire pin. So, the above steps need to be repeated in order to cover the other side. Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 on the other edge of the same side of the pin in order to fully cover the pin. And that’s it! Once you get the hang of it, not only will you be making these pretty fast, but you’re gonna want to washi tape every clothespin in sight.

Here are the pins in action on my super fancy clothespin bulletin above my desk! What will you use your Washi Tape Clothespins for? Hope you enjoy making these!

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