Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

With warmer weather upon us, it’s time to start bringing out the spring clothing that’s been hiding in our closets for months now. This season, I’ve decided that I should wear skirts and dresses more often.

One issue for me, however, is that I can never think of cute ways to pair skirts and dresses since I barely ever do so. All I can ever think of is wearing my skirts with a tank top but sometimes that is just too plain or too casual. So, here are some really cute (IMO) ways I have found to inspire my maxi skirt wardrobe choices.

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One of the easiest ways that to pair a maxi skirt is with a simple plain tee or tank and a leather motorcycle jacket, black or colored. Its mix of feminine and edgy elements makes for perfect springtime street wear. Plus the outfit above is also colorblocked! Bonus points!

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While a maxi skirt looks great with just a plain top, a lace top looks even better when worn with a plain and simple maxi. The mix of texture helps break the monotony of the long, simple skirt.

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Paired with a blazer, this outfit can be casual and can even be worn in the office for those of us who have a more lax dress policy. This particular photo serves as inspiration. Not everything in this photo, however, can translate into office wear. But nonetheless, a good outfit that is perfect for that gentle spring breeze.

Another way to make the maxi work for the office is to wear it with a button down shirt, but I haven’t been able to find any photos of this outfit done successfully.

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A neutral, patterned top and bright skirt make this outfit pop! I love how both the top and the skirt make their own statements in this photo, and while the pink may look overwhelming with a different outfit, it has it’s place with the patterned top above.

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Colorblock! A maxi skirt is the perfect opportunity to colorblock especially if the maxi is a bright, bold color like the red above.

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My favorite part about the photo above is that whomever is modeling the outfit has made it so a maxi skirt works for winter/cold weather! So even if you’re still in a place experiencing cold, chilly weather, you can still wear a maxi skirt. I think the scarf adds the perfectly accessorizes the outfit.

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A California classic: denim jacket + maxi skirt + top knot. Some may say it’s overplayed but hey, it wouldn’t be overdone if it weren’t a cute way to wear a maxi skirt right? Exactly.

Source: Shevahh.com

A maxi skirt is the perfect opportunity to wear a bustier or tube top. It makes the outfit look like one dress rather than separates and can make the outfit flow together well. A simple bustier with a bright or patterned skirt like above looks simple and polished in its own way.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Belts! The can help the outfit flow together, and they may even help keep your maxi skirt up.
  • Still suffering from cold weather (yes, I said suffering)? Try sneaking leggings underneath your skirt if it’s not too thin or form-fitting.
  • Find maxi skirts in bright colors! They’re easier to pair, even if you do end up going with a simple tee or tank.
  • Tie a knot at the bottom! It breaks up the monotony of the skirt and makes the outfit look more casual.

Will you be rocking the maxi skirt this spring?

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