Ways To Wear Crop Tops

Crop tops came, and they’re here to stay awhile. Magazines feature them, runway models sport them, and fitting rooms are LITTERED with crop tops. I know that fashion recycles every 20 years or so, but this isn’t your 90s crop top! There’s a certain way to wear them to make sure they fit well. Wearing a crop top is actually easier to pull off than it looks and can actually be quite flattering when worn the right way.

Here are some inspiring ways to pull off crop tops!

Naya Rivera Crop Top Michael Kors

Naya Rivera balances out her outfit by pairing a structured and patterned crop top with a tight pencil skirt. It’s a good rule of thumb to have either your top or your bottom form-fitting while the other is loose!

Her crop top hits at the perfect length (since it’s a loose top) and her skirt starts at a good length too. Note that she’s showing about an inch or two of skin and no more than that.

Crop Top with Full Skirt, Smitten Studio Online

Not at all surprised that Sarah from Smitten Studio pulls off the crop top look flawlessly! She wears maxi skirts well too! She pairs a form-fitting crop top with a patterned full skirt! It’s important to keep the length of the skirt in mind when wearing crop tops because you’re showing off the whole piece. Sarah’s skirt is exactly the right length for her! It also starts right at the small of the waist, which is most flattering for the crop top look.

Kylie Jenner Crop Top

Kylie Jenner is a pro at rocking the crop top. She wears them on the red carpet and on the daily. In the photo above, her entire outfit is form fitting but she pulls it off well, especially by making sure the skirt hits right at her knees and by wearing a casual cotton crop top.

Kylie Jenner Crop Top

Here, Kyle balances a shorter khaki skirt with a looser half-sleeve crop top. Good choice.

Sweater Crop Top

This street style look is perfect for a day of roaming around the city, especially if the city is cold. Comfy shoes, cropped sweater, and high waisted black pants!

Circle Skirt Crop Top Neon Blush

All black everything! This look is so sleek!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Although it’s been on point to wear crop tops with skirts, try pairing them with high waisted shorts, trouser shorts, high waisted pants, or trousers!
  • Try to balance out how much skin you show with what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a jacket and pants, you can show a little more skin to balance them out. If you’re wearing a delicate tank top and short skirt, maybe save that for the club if that’s you’re thing.
  • Crop tops actually work on all body types. If you’re a little shy to show off your belly, try showing only a small sliver of skin and wearing something high waisted. No need to bare all!
  • Again, this isn’t the 90s. In other words, keep your belly button covered if possible! That’s how you modernize your look! We aren’t starring in Clueless ;)

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