Weekend Getaway Packing List (Free Printable)

Before we know it, it’s going to be Labor Day Weekend. Finally, another 3-day weekend!

Maybe you’ve already got plans. Maybe you’ve even had them for weeks, heck maybe even months!

Or maybe you’re like me and you’re thinking that you might head out of town for the weekend. Or not. You’ll just go where the wind takes you.

Whether you’ve got solid plans or not, if you’re going somewhere for a weekend getaway, you’ll need this list to make sure you have everything you need. It touches on all the basics but includes some of the smaller things we might forget, from weather-appropriate gear to cell phone chargers.

And, it’s printer-friendly so you’re not using up too much ink ;)

Weekend Getaway Packing List


Enjoy the printable! And more than that, enjoy you’re weekend getaway!

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